ZF Silverline Constructions has always been a result-driven company under the directorship of Zain Farook. He has always identified economic, social and political trends within the industry sectors and their potential impact on the real estate marketplace. He has provided his valuable leadership in creating and implementing new policies and establishing them to the favour of the organisation. He has also reviewed the various marketplace criterions and approves them on the basis of futuristic predictions that are circling the marketplace. He has been crafting an year-long strategy and plans for the Company and outlines the organisation’s approach to its success.
Starting in 2008, Zain Farook, as the director of Silverline Business and Techparks Limited and the primary source of strategic direction for the business has substantial impact on the success of this venture. He is often tasked with the ability to build a business plan, hire a team, communicate a vision, and carry out a variety of core operations all on his own. Concerning the ideology - capabilities of the owner will be closely related to the capabilities of the organization itself, he wears a number of credits in the achievements of his own organization. He shoulders a great deal of accountability for both success and failure and hesitates to distribute risk across a high number of employees and work groups.
When handed over with the directorship of Silverline Shelters India Limited in 2006, Zain Farook guided the business into the future with planned growth. From controlling the financial status of the business to developing the business line with stated objectives, he has been provoking the company to uphold further in its virtues. He has always been determining the company policies with regard to customer assurance and undertook the role of management system ensuring that management system implemented is reviewed, maintained and where possible continually improved.